A comparison between kobe bryant and shaquille oneal two of the greatest basketball players of their

It's a pinch-me moment for the entire organization, one that nobody could possibly fathom actually playing out back on June 26, So did Bill Russell.

Shaq won more championships, Fortunately for the Lakers, Plan A worked out. It's commonly said that Kobe is the game's best player, and there definitely have been nights where that's true the 81 game, for instancebut let's look at full seasons here.


Inthere was no maximum salary provision in the CBA. In LA, with the exception of blips inandthe Lakers were either around average or a few points below it.

I can take that to the bank. He took a bunny step to the left, picked up his dribble, and pump-faked a 3.

Shaq–Kobe feud

Hopefully, this is all behind us now. Please inform me of all the missing seasons in which he was snubbed.

Shaquille O'Neal

He doesn't have that instinct to go out and metaphorically kill everyone the way Kobe does. I'm an optimist; I'll bet on the unknown. A few weeks ago, I would have said LeBron without hesitation, but Kobe has really been a great team player this season.

Don't get me wrong, because they're both likable in general. O'Neal would introduce Bryant as "the greatest Laker ever" as the two reflected on their feud. Regardless, newspapers the next day criticized Bryant for his alleged manipulation of the team.

Experience is the best teacher From the looks of things here, at least, Kobe's getting along fine with his Laker teammates. O'Neal said his and Bryant's past barbs in the press was "almost like a game.

Keep up to date with all of the latest: The odds are against it. No, Shaq was never a particularly good pick and roll defender and does not compete well with Hakeem on this end of the court. This was a longshot from the start, as it was contingent on New York being able to trade Patrick Ewing.

What is the key difference between them? Outside of those two playoff runs you still think that Hakeem had the better career?

Roundtable: Who's better -- Kobe or LeBron?

For starters, the Lakers never become a dynasty without Shaq regardless of how much production they got from Kobe. Every time I see a big-name player leave his team in free agency, I think of Shaq in In the following season, Bryant and O'Neal did not engage in further public attacks.

I'm totally cool with Kobe. How do you figure Olajuwan had the better career? Over his career, Shaq led the NBA in field-goal percentage ten times, finishing with a career mark of. Leading — with 1: By Micah Adams url copied to clipboard What if Kobe's career went down differently?

It was about this time that we really started to consider alternatives as something other than backup plans. Yes, Shaq left thousands of points on the table due to poor free-throw shooting.

Shaq–Kobe feud

I would have respected Dr. Go left, and the world is your oyster, but I will not allow you to go right. He accused O'Neal of threatening not to put forth his best effort if he was not passed the ball more often. O'Neal later retracted the statement and apologized, interrupting one of Jackson's pre-game interviews to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Statistics courtesy of basketball-reference.Who would win if Shaquille O'Neal and Wilt Chamberlain played one-on-one in their prime? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 8 Answers These are the two most dominant players in NBA history inside and the strongest ever to play the game! If Michael Jordan played with Kobe Bryant, one on one and both in their prime, who would win.

Compared to Kobe Bryant, there are some obvious differences that separate the two players. First, Erving lacked the outside shooting touch of Kobe Bryant.

Second, he never played defense in the. Mar 21,  · They're the two most popular players in the league. And this marks the fourth year of "Kobe or LeBron" discussions, with LeBron taking the lion's share of the votes this season.

Tim Duncan vs. Kobe Bryant: A Brief Comparison

Shaquille O’Neal was clearly the best player for the Lakers in their 3 consecutive championships; Shaq maintained a higher scoring average and player efficiency rating (by wide margins) over Kobe in all three championship seasons.

Deciding between Kobe Bryant, the Lakers legend of the present, and Magic Johnson, the Lakers legend of the past, is very difficult because the two players’ impacts are so evenly matched. However, Jordan is the greatest one-on-one player of all time.

In a "Possession" (Player gets the ball back after scoring) - 1 on 1 game up to 15, with all baskets worth 1 point and Threes worth 2 points, Shaq would even have less of a chance.

A comparison between kobe bryant and shaquille oneal two of the greatest basketball players of their
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