Good to great

The good fortune of his dignity comes from the fact that he acts easily, without prearrangements. Line three is dynamic in a correctly dynamic place. His disadvantage is having no association.

Sidebar: Separating the Good From the Great

And what are our core people deeply passionate about? Is that an accident? What can we be the best in the world at?

Good to Great

All states of being have this essence inherent in them and are indeed made of this essence, but all states other than that of complete enlightenment are out of harmony with this essence in some way.

If you were going to invest now in your future best self, where would you put your time and your energy? In whatever direction advance is made, there will be no error. Because the understanding is clear.

Good to Great by Jim Collins [BOOK SUMMARY & PDF]

Then inWarner-Lambert made another U-turn, away from consumer goods, and announced that it wanted to compete with Merck. It turns out that living in the midst of conflict is really bad for our health. It requires clarity, not instant illumination. The great cart is used to carry; there is someplace to go; there is no trouble.

It turns out that being in a securely attached relationship to another person in your 80s is protective, that the people Good to great are in relationships where they really feel they can count on the other person in times of need, those people's memories stay sharper longer. Differentiate the difference between a superior and an inferior element in the situation.

The Superior Man manages his forces in accordance with the goals of the Work. In May, he signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act into law, creating the TVA and enabling the federal government to build dams along the Tennessee River that controlled flooding and generated inexpensive hydroelectric power for the people in the region.

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This single concept can guide their efforts. Thus the jun zi suppresses the evil and promotes the good; he abides by the will of heaven to enrich his life. There was no launch event, no tag line, no programmatic feel whatsoever. Well, the possibilities are practically endless. Because things are going to come back.

You keep pushing, and the flywheel begins to move a bit faster. We forget vast amounts of what happens to us in life, and sometimes memory is downright creative.

Why do most overhyped change programs ultimately fail? If he is aware of his difficult position, he will be blameless. They know how to simplify a complex world into a single, organizing idea — the kind of basic principle that unifies, organizes, and guides all decisions.

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The real value of a starting salary is how much you can buy with it. In the graph above, if you were living in Tennessee and were offered a 25% raise to move to New York, you could use this map to see that the hidden-cost of living in New York is about 28% higher.

When making decisions consider. The Challenge: Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the verybeginning.

But what about the company that is not born with great DNA?

Good to Great Quotes

How can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies achieve enduring greatness? The Challenge Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performa.

Good to great
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