How to write a top 10 list

List blog posts are also notoriously easier to write, when compared to a long, essay-style post.

Top 10 Steps To A Top 10 List

So, state your criteria. Make sure each entry has a reason for its placement, as the exclusionary nature of lists builds thematic tension during the read. The simplicity and ease of a numbered list of ten is irreplaceable. The list was still excellent, but a lot of criticism centered around a lack of stated formal criteria.

Top 10 Steps To A Top 10 List

But I have tripped over a method to speed the creative process, while limiting my bad writing habits. If you start with the most obvious or bland ideas, readers will immediately lose interest.

Re-read your passage and pare the wording to the essentials. There's no need to hit Submit on your list the moment you're done writing it: DDJ recommends topic first, then items, then intro, then conclusion. Instead of ranking games ten to one, you can use those ten items to represent years or genres.

For readers, the trend is toward easy, saturated, fast-food thoughts that can be enjoyed on the road. If you're writing a very serious, in-depth analysis, then provide the information you need to provide. Order Your List Logically A structured, well-organized list post is always going to be more successful when compared to a list that is put together based on the order someone came up with their ideas.

To think they get so worked up over something you wrote for free is a riot. That's about all I can say about that. For some of my lists, some examples of formal criteria include: Don't force your ideas to conform to their numbers!

Certain father-son pairs in that list, like Tidus and Jecht, are known from the very beginning of the game. People love sharing lists to prove a point, compile must-reads, have a chuckle with friends or enlighten their following. There are plenty of grammar people around as well that can help with grammatical issues or problems of tone and phrasing.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Write a @#%*$ Top Ten List

It's a question only you can answer: From most to least popular From least to most popular Alphabetical order: Big Lips and Polygrip tour. Give any criticism the weight that comes with how well thought-out it is.

Can't you just give me a summary? Underneath the title make a bullet list of all the examples you can think of. Do this every time you add supporting data.

As I go about my normal day, reading sites and posting on GameFAQs, oftentimes an idea will come up for a game that fits into a list I'm already working on. Italics and bold text are kosher, too, so use those for emphasis instead of asterisks or capitalized words.

If there's a conspicuous absence of certain popular games, we'll mention it, and even if you decide not to include them anyway, it'll at least give you a moment to think of why those games aren't making your list. Choose a suitably narrow topic.One of the most effective ways to break up a long paragraphs of text is to create a list.

Using top ten lists has always been a popular and effective technique to grab a reader’s attention and hold onto it.

Why Top Ten Lists Work For Bloggers

List blog posts are also notoriously easier to write, when compared to a long, essay-style post. Jeff's golden rule for Top 5 lists is, 'End on the funniest, begin with the second funniest and put the other three in the middle.' How to write it: Pick a subject (i.e, Rolling Stones) and make a list of everything you can think of regarding this subject, especially nouns or phrases.


Top Ten Reasons to Write a Top Ten List

For the sake of this demonstration, I’m going to use my posts titled ‘Top 20 Most Influential Photographer Bloggers‘ to show you how to write the ultimate top list, and everything in. Top Ten Reasons to Write a Top Ten List. January 8, | In Latest News, National Research Center, Inc.

(NRC) is a leading full-service survey research and evaluation firm focusing on the information requirements of the public sector, including local governments, health care providers, foundations and non-profit organizations.

Toward this end, this topic is a compendium of some of the suggestions the Top 10 List board has come up with over time. They span four topics: Choosing Your Topic, Selecting The Items, Writing the List, and After the List is Submitted. Choosing a Topic 1.

Brainstorm naturally.

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Don't sit down one day and say, "Ok, I want to write a Top 10 list. On Top 10 Lists, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to Write a Good Top 10 List".

How to write a top 10 list
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