Personification writing activities

If you're working with a group of kids, have them pass their object to the right after every five minutes or so. What actions would you take in this situation?

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There are three main types of figurative language to review: Teacher will show the class an image. Provide the students with a list of common feelings. Our carrots are eagerly lined up to be served on your plate.


What are you describing? Explain to students that poems have rhythm, which is a beat created by a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.

You should receive your download link within the hour. Locate the personification for them. While the students are working the teacher will circulate around the classroom to identify and provide support to students who are having difficulty.

Like a movie trailer, book trailers give the audience enough juicy information to make them really, really … [Read more Ask students to look at the types of things that these three poems are about.

Personification Writing Activities (Day of the Week and Vocabulary)

Peggy creative the last piece of cheesecake in personification refrigerator calling her name. When animals or objects take on human traits they are being personified.

Spice Up Your Poetry With Figurative Language

Which phrase is repeated? When you're writing you personification cut me, and when you see me personification old then you will just throw me out like I'm nothing and will get writing new one.

I was impressed by their creativity and the humor many brought into their writing. You will need to open them from a PC or laptop. Be sure to check out the rest of the posts. When two words have the same ending sound, like moon and spoon, they are a rhyming pair.

Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Figurative Language Questions

You must choose places in your picture prompt that are lacking in descriptive detail, and create examples of figurative language to add to those places. Learn more about this educational methodology for all … [Read more This city never sleeps.

Students will analyze a literary excerpt and other students' picture prompts score point 5 and 6 and identify examples of simile, personification, and metaphor. Teacher will walk around the room assessing student understanding.The use of personification in poetry or literature is common.

Personification is the attributing of human characteristics, thoughts or emotions to something that is non-human. A good example of this is the white rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland” who talks and wears a watch.

What Are Examples of Personification? Examples of personification include phrases such as, "The flower is dancing in the wind," "The fire swallowed the forest," and "The wind howled in the night." Personification is the act of adding human traits to an inanimate object or non-human animal even.

Creating Student Vocabulary Collectors!A free preview from our CCSS- and Standards-inspired vocabulary lesson collection.

Personification Examples

Over the summer ofDena and I finalized eleven vocabulary-based writing lessons and activities designed to promote Common Core vocabulary and depth of thought.

Some of the worksheets displayed are Using personification work for reading and writing, Personification work, Personification, Name personification work 2, Using personification in writing, Using personification in writing, Personification, Writing with personification. Students will create lists of characteristics, identify feelings that they evoke, and write sentences using personification.

They will eat Pop Rocks candy and describe the sensation by writing sentences using personification to express themselves and illustrate their examples.

This bundle contains 15 ready-to-use figurative language worksheets that are perfect for students to learn about and identify the seven common types of figurative language: simile, metaphor, idioms, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration and hyperbole.

Personification writing activities
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